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Born 31st December 1999 in East Sussex and currently based in Farnham, Surrey. Kerry Holland is an artist focused on experimentation in her work. Holland’s practise centralises around the exploration of selective themes in memory, identity and distorting the perspectives of reality; her projects often taking a personal approach. Her most recent project ‘A Reminiscence of Both Worlds’ takes on her personal love for the Legend of Zelda series since her childhood, representing her appreciation, love, and relationship with this game series by exploring the world within Zelda alongside the memories of her past. Incorporating a selection of her own photography and video in conjunction with a collection of family photographs and video footage from home. Alongside this, she adds texts from the Legend of Zelda series and her own written works.

Holland’s practice takes on unconventional explorations and inspiration from unconventional places. Taking innovation from games, music, and her own imagination she allows these influences to develop the project and take control. Allowing the project to lead her rather than her lead it.


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